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June 5, 2020  

Alex Jones eats slim jim’s

 5-6-20 Once we figure out how to get you guys a link to the live show, we go into the Alex Jones comments, we watch the covid 19 preacher, and then we watch wendy williams eat slim jim's. Plus we call porn stores to try and get them to play trivia.  

June 5, 2020  

The Purge with Sisqo

Hey guys thanks for subscribing, here is the bonus episode on 4-8-20

June 4, 2020  

Lyme disease

Casey gets Lyme disease, the guys put together a list of riot snacks and discuss organ harvesting. 

May 28, 2020  

KFC Backslpash

Smooth E has a great idea for a new mentos challange

Skinman just found out about a Arizona black hole


KFC help hotline

Backsplash review

and Casey solves the homeless problem, and helps out of work law enforcement find jobs. 


May 21, 2020  

AR15 for the Blind

Is Metallica the Garth Brooks of Rock?

Do deaf people get jealous of blind people?

Is a pussy hat the same as a AR15?

Find out here.

May 20, 2020  

Baby Powder

Just Conrad talking baby powder.