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June 11, 2020  

Patch Adams gives Free Cars

June 11, 2020


Conrad watches Cast Away and Patch Adams, and has a beef with both. So as always the content is timely and topical.

  • An all American Suzuki Tuesday happens. 
  • Come and knock on my door. 
  • Braums screws Conrad so he calls KFC customer service. And talks to the manager.
  • The guys then get into a heated discussion about a free car program for the United States. 


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Those Guys From Wichita started podcasting in 2010, when then host Conrad started The Connie G Show. From 2010 to 2013 he put together a style of show similar to that of mid 90's hot talk radio. I.e. Don and Mike or Ron and Fez. Personality driven shows that require the audience to invest more time into getting to know the characters of the show, by doing this kind of show you build a connection with the audience that becomes more personal than any other form of entertainment. In January of 2014 after a month of preparing, Conrad started "The Conrad and Jack Show" with his co host Jack, and his second cousin Shannon. Who at the time was living in Mexico, which is what he became known as moving forward. Mexico. Since 2016 The Conrad and Jack Show evolved losing Jack along the way. Yet adding in no particular order Skinman, Casey, Smooth-e, Andy, and sometimes Ivy. Those guys along with Conrad and Mexico have been getting together week after week and doing these live comedy shows. Starting 2020, Conrad changed the name to Those Guys From Wichita. It is how most people refer to them, and it seemed to make since. 

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