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September 26, 2019  

Magic Hotdog Glaze

Mexico is invited to an underground lab, where a world famous scientist shows him a recipe to basically stop time. Meaning we can basically encase any living thing in plastic. Plus some lady adopts a 9 year old that turns out to be a 22 yr old murdering midget. Plus a string incident #bathroom#pauladeen #nfl #carlruiz #hotdog #corndog #food Subscribe for free 

September 23, 2019  

Yoga Underwear

Conrad has been doing Yoga. From -Down in a Hole- 10-24-18 

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September 20, 2019  

A Sauna Story

From Tower of Flavor- 12-5-18, Conrad runs into -Sauna Guy- at the YMCA.

September 19, 2019  

Slow Children Playing

  • #Kevin Spacey
  • Subway Sauce
  • Dropping hot dogs next to Mongols Bikers
  • #snl 
  • Conrad falls in a hole
  • RFL
  • Pick 3
September 13, 2019  

Kohl’s Emergency

From 8-1-18 Titled "Moving Wars"

Conrad tells about a preshow trip to Kohl's and an akward encounter with a female employee. 

September 12, 2019  

Food Gum- “a mother’s nightmare”

On this Episode-

  • Casey's Health
  • Dave and Norm vs. the #woke comedians
  • Gypsy Jerky
  • Tire Blowout
  • Slingblade
  • RFL