Those Guys From Wichita

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August 29, 2019  

Coffee Lights

  • Tiny pepsi bottles
  • lights on coffee pots
  • bowling alley toilet
  • RFL week 1-4
  • whistle and horn

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August 27, 2019  

Space Force Luck

We discuss spaceforce and the lesbian breakup in space, Crocs, Hot outfits for women to wear compared to Molly Ringwald. Hottest black actors. We're looking at you Black guy from Rudy. Plus Andrew Luck. Because Why Not. 

August 22, 2019  


Conrad is running late, so the guys talk about the recent plane crash with Dale Earnhart. Mexico gives Jack shit about how he reads the story. Then they call Dale and Satan answers. Conrad confuses a scale with a book, RFL kicks off.... then doesn't.. FINISH HIM. 

August 15, 2019  

Six Foot Penguin

Shannon has an epic meltdown because he was hungry, Casey removes the bed of his truck to change the fuel filter. Andy has started selling vape juice to Ivy, who then turns around and sells it to Smooth E. Plus Conrad hunts a 6 foot penguin in a hole he dug under a bowling alley. SUBSCRIBE

August 8, 2019  

Grape Whistle

Mexico goes house hunting with a list of needs, Conrad rants about a highway that makes him spill his coffee, and then made him pee on himself because he isn't a normal person, Casey pets a buffalo on top while skinman throws trash at him. Andy dreams of dipping his hair in water and whipping it back out of his face. 

August 1, 2019  

Caiman Zima

This week on The Conrad and Jack Show join the crew on a four hour tour as they wait for Chip to show up.  Skinman sleeps in the corner recovering from Adult Karate Dream Camp, Andy has seen what the life of the Brush Guys is like and he didn't like it, Ivy shaved his beard and looks like that guy you tell you kids to stay away from, Mexico and Conrad try to prove Casey cant tell the difference between the kiss of a woman or a man, Smooth E shows up for the bonus show and Chip shows up for the Round up. Also Denny stops by and so much more.