Those Guys From Wichita

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July 24, 2019  

Pepperoni Crab

This week with the crew almost all back, things get back to normal. Mexico rebuilds his car around the messed up bearing while teaching Andy how to mow. Conrad learns that oil doesn't go in your starter after spending 4 hours at the Auto store with Major Tom. Casey almost died in a golf cart accident with Skinman doing the navigation. Ivy discovers what Peyronie's disease is and that he has it. Listen, like, Share and tell people how cool we are. 

July 23, 2019  


Here it is. In all its Glory. The Live Broadcast of the 2019 Golf for God Championship. At Pine Bay Golf Course. What an amazing experience and congratulations to all that competed, unfortunately this isn't some bake off, and all though all the efforts are wasted unless you win. And only one religion can win.

July 18, 2019  


The guys are taking orders while acapella groups stands behind them. Mexico and Ivy decided to go to Trump's rally in Kentucky, but left quickly when they were chanting "send her back" instead of "lock her up" wrong rally I guess. Skinman is planning on getting a tattoo of a family reunion, and Casey is pumping Andy full of plasma. 

July 11, 2019  

Bob Evan’s Robot Horse

The guys are back. Casey has a story about a snake used in a car jacking. Mexico spent the weekend shooting water at Ivy. Conrad had a family vacation, and the misfortune of eating at Bob Evans. A trip to Silver Dollar City. Ross Perot calls in from heaven and confuses Ivy. Plus Jane Goodall stops by to talk about horses. 

July 4, 2019  

Truck Cast

Conrad recaps Golfing for God, and talks about his upcoming trip with the family. Have a Happy Fourth of July.