Those Guys From Wichita

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June 27, 2019  

The Bone Zone

Conrad tackles the #homeless problem and also the #border situation with a new idea. Razorboy checks in from Virginia and plays a game of "hey whats it worth". The guys find out about a new female #viagra, and the whole show was recorded on 70,000 VHS tapes. Buy your bro a candy bar. #Peace

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June 20, 2019  


Eric has the perfect Father's day. Conrad does not. The producer goes driving around the neighborhood knocking down mailboxes, and Casey asked Drew to help him build a 1ft by 100 foot border wall in Florida. Meanwhile Andy and Skinman are handing out free chili at the jail, after getting booked on seatbelt charges. 

June 18, 2019  

Tuesday Bonus

Relax and enjoy some of the best of The Conrad and Jack Show. 

June 13, 2019  


Conrad is upset about 80's movies, and then somehow spins it into a rant about how Lady Gaga is only seems sexy in "A Star is Born" because Bradley Cooper is so hot. He then talks about Wendy's Hot Chili Seasoning. What the best fast food burger is, and then the guys play a game of "Hey what's that worth"

Golfing for God 2019 Pine Bay Golf Course 


June 6, 2019  

Does it Burrito 2019

Can you eat a burrito with taco meat, toothpaste, cold brew coffee, and pixie sticks.