Those Guys From Wichita

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April 25, 2019  

A potato ball

The guys discuss used car shopping, BTK bunny at the park city Easter buffet, Spray tanning, and Conrad had a horrible Saturday. Chip forgot the show. Enjoy. 

April 18, 2019  


Late night tummy problems. Lost in Guthrie. Chemical ingestion. Olive Garden. Mud Devils. Snot Otter. Headless Chickens. Homemade Deer.

April 11, 2019  

Isn’t That Something

We moved the show to 7:00 pm ct. On this episode, we talk about, awkward endings to conversations. Pizza Roll Roulette, the auto bubble that is about to burst, and prank phone calls to Applebees playing "how about that"

April 8, 2019  

Sweet Sixteen

The producer is having a sweet sixteen party, so the guys decide to crack open the mics a couple of times. Razor boy calls in, and 2019 golfing for god update. Plus eagle meat. 

April 4, 2019  

Camel Towing

If you own a marine-based piece of recreation equipment, or you want too, but just don't have a truck to pull it to the water, call Camel Towing. They specialize in the transportation of boats and other aqua based toys. Also, Kevin Costner stops immigration with his dumb Topeka body.