Those Guys From Wichita

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January 24, 2019  

You done been Chipped 1-23-19

Broadcasting live from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It was a rough week for a lot of the country, and certain cast members. Find out who had a dream, and who lived a nightmare. 

January 17, 2019  

Crockpot Toe Nails

From Rocket League to At Home Protection. This podcast is the best a man can get. 

January 10, 2019  

A Fish in the Fridge 1-9-19

Conrad is certified and brought some soup to work in a ranch bottle. The guys then discuss new ideas for Christians and pick 3, VEGAS FEB.28th thru. Mar.3rd

January 3, 2019  

Eight Year Losers-1-2-19

Conrad and Casey weigh in, and Conrad is getting a Tattoo. The guys recap Christmas and talk about Netflix's Bird Flu, and how they are planning a takeover. The challenges of home improvements and Skinman gets drunk and throws snappers at Eric. Also KRIS WINS PICK 3...