Those Guys From Wichita

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November 29, 2018  

The Surgery- 11-29-18

Mexico and Casey are filling in for Conrad on this episode. Join in as Andy does his best to wear the most winter clothes ever on a podcast. Meanwhile chicks are swiping right on a short haired smooth E. Skinman is riding high in the Corner. 

November 27, 2018  

Turkey Day Bonus Show

Games, Songs, Dancing. Can we make it to a carp in the tub? Find out on this Thanksgiving bonus tradition. 

November 22, 2018  

A Turkey in a Sauna- 11-22-18

Chip is back, and he brought Rachel. Conrad talks about his recent YMCA spa experience. Smooth E is upset with Conrad's new decor, Andy kills, then bombs, Casey eats multiple burritos while talking about running. Mexico provides details to a recent Boston market bombing, and Skinman brings egg nog. Plus Denny shows up for a very special Thanksgiving episode of "Leave it to Denny" 

November 15, 2018  

The Hunt 11-14-18

Conrad and Shannon go pheasant hunting, with a guy who looks like John Denver. Eric takes his bride out for tattoos and Mcdonalds, while Casey and Skinman protect the studio from "the watcher". Andy gets another haircut.

November 8, 2018  

Can of Burgers- 11-8-18

The election is over, and the guys are back. They cover the important issues, footlong frankfurters, and cans of burgers, runaway trains, and wasp stings. Like, Share, and leave a review. 

November 6, 2018  

Paper Boys- Take Over

On this weeks Monday Morning Papers (Paperboys) the guys discuss the future of the world and how the plot of Terminator is playing out as we speak. The former owner of the Clippers ex-girlfriend follows Conrad to the studio and Casey gets his hair cut like Mark Davis.  We give everyone 1 hr of time back as we stop time, and possibly change the course of music history. We bring you the news that matters.