Those Guys From Wichita

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August 30, 2018  

Conround and Fatsey

This week Casey turns the whole office against Conrad as they all Fat Shame him. Phil tries to sabotage Mexico again and it backfires, he is now Phil's boss. Conrad sends gifts from the cast to E's birthday party cause none of them showed up. Andy drives in the wrong lane of the Highway to get milk for his sick wife and Skinman in his best John Daily outfit brought orange drank for the crew. Regular season in the RFL is over and the Playoffs are set. #RACETO180

August 28, 2018  

Paperboys “Real Talk”

On this weeks Monday Morning Papers (Paperboys) the guys get real or attempt to when Lebron and others stop by to discuss race relations. Casey is attacked during his pre-show prep by lobsters because he wouldn't pay $1500 to go to Conrad's Wedding and Matt Lauer and his wife check in from the the Horse show. 

August 23, 2018  

One in the Chamber-08-22-18

Mexico is struggling to breath, and be funny. Skinman tries to help by getting blackout drunk and swimming. Eric brings a Giant sign for the studio, and Chip calls in to make fun of it. Casey has to babysit the adults. Plus Babe Ruth Death Day, and RFL. Enjoy. 

August 21, 2018  

Paperboys “The Big Tuna”

This week Conrad opens with an idea that Casey cant quite get turn inside out in his head.  What foods should you take to work? or how about your kids first day of school? The "touchy" subjects in the Church are discussed and more on this weeks Monday Morning Papers "Paperboys"

August 16, 2018  


This week on the show Conrad finds out his Toxic Hernia may have caused his wife to be possessed, Phil throws poop on the wall and blames Mexico, Smooth E is almost finished with the new sigh and only spent 2 million dollars to make it. Chip's not there but still backs into Casey's truck, Skinman does his best Magnum PI, and Andy produces a Commercial starting Kris in PA and the FalconFM janitor Matilda skips her first day of school to be in studio.

August 13, 2018  

Paperboys Rambo 7

This week Conrad and Casey had a day trip before the show and played Estate Sale Prices is Right. Casey stole Ray Lewis's uniform and practiced with the Steelers until he got caught. Sly as (Rambo) stopped by to discuss the upcoming new Rambo movie and staying with the Sunday format NO real news.