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July 31, 2018  

PB 2081

On this weeks episode of Paperboy's Conrad and Casey discuss under cooked poultry deaths and a new idea for ready made meals for healthy people. Obama and Biden stop a bakery for dog treats and the best FRY in fast food is decided (kinda). Conrad's going to a rally in Oregon for dart throwers and Casey is counter protesting him a BB gun. Catch up on our version of the news. 

July 26, 2018  



Phil is a saboteur, Casey's white privlage couldn't help him at #bobevans , Conrad wants a magic wand, Chip wants something different. Skinman needs you to plank to win his shirt that Andy helped him earn.


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July 24, 2018  


This week on Monday Morning Papers (Paperboys) we have yet another Country Legend falling on stage, we find out how Putin looks on a mini sub and Fox books the wrong guest. Casey brings Bob Evans into the news and may be getting his on franchise. Tell a friend.

July 19, 2018  

PUT THE S IN SHOW- 7-18-18

We meet Phil, RFL weeks 3-4. Plus a great story out of Arkansas about a boy who grew a Mexican tomato into a full grown woman. -Plus we are giving away a Donald Trump Jr. autographed box of instant mashed potatoes. 

July 17, 2018  

PAPER BoYz- 2011

Have you seen Dances with wolves 2. You will love it. 


July 12, 2018  

The Road Trip- 7-11-18

Conrad takes the family to the wilderness. Is that a bear? Nope it’s river mustard.. plus the kick off to the 2018 RFL 28 teams!!!