Those Guys From Wichita

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April 30, 2018  

The Connie G Show - 4-30-18

Conrad talks about #knees, #steaks, #pizza, #nascar, and #Michellewolf in no particular order.... except the one given above.. get out your lasers and point us in the right direction. 

April 26, 2018  

Adam and Eve Switch Loop- 4-26-18

Mexico is practicing his interviews, Conrad received an embarrassing package, Eric is telling dirty jokes at church, Andy has a car that makes gas, Skinman finds that apropos, and Casey is the only one having a good week. When Chip gets back from protesting the Simpsons, we have a new hood ornament for him. Enjoy. 

April 25, 2018  

The Connie G Show 4-25-18

From Sports talk to plastic surgery Conrad and Mexico sit down to explain the world they are trapped in. Also Chief Wahoo drops off some bean dip. Enjoy.. 

April 23, 2018  

Paper Boys- 4-23-18

It's back, Conrad and Casey sit down to discuss the topics of the day, specifically what MSN has to say. So enjoy. Monday Morning Papers. 

April 19, 2018  

The Olive Jar- 4-18-18

Conrad teaches his son a lesson, then his dog eats it. Mexico has been eating at Longhorn watching Chip give plasma, Casey has a 12 pack of detective shirts, and won't push in Conrad's hernia, Zach is on his 9th beer at Texas Roadhouse. LIKE, SHARE, REPEAT

April 17, 2018  

The Connie G Show vol. 2 4-16-18

Conrad and Mexico sit down for a "clean" episode. I don't think it happened, but they did figure out #Starbucks, #metoo, and the Minnesota Killer lady.