Those Guys From Wichita

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March 29, 2018  

Branson?? 3-28-18

The guys are back from Vegas, Darren pushes Casey's buttons, Eric does some investigating into Wayne Newton, Mexico is trying new recipes for crab legs, Chip is testing them. Skinman has replaced all water with Red Stagg, and is taking Conrad to Arby's. Enjoy. 

March 27, 2018  

Vegas Round 4

Here it is?? Vegas Rd 4 We apoligize for the audio, but just imagine it’s an old episode of Mr. Rodgers or is Rogers.. either way.. hey kids do you know what Vegas is? 

March 23, 2018  

Interview with Mugzy- 3-22-18

Here is our interview with Australian Rapper. Mugzy. Enjoy.

March 22, 2018  


It is the eve of Vegas 2018 and the boys sit down to discuss, Smoothe's door, Conrad has been watching cheers, Casey's tiny shovel, Skinman Random Dude, Chip at a Topeka strip club, and Mexico is testing crab cake recipes on a hibachi he bought.

March 20, 2018  

Paper Boys 15

We talk Romo and clams. What more could you want?

March 16, 2018  

Vegas Hype

thought you should here this to get you ready for Round 4.... VEGAS... March 22nd through 25th.... LIVE and on @playapod