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December 28, 2017  

84 dogs and a New Year-12-28-17

Yo Yo, The last show of 2017 the guys discuss Chip's Christmas vacation to O'rielly's, Skinmans heated mattress pad, Casey's lap top and bag of cash, and Eric's box of medals. Conrad teaches his son a lesson about earning his Christmas presents. 84 greyhounds on the spacestation. Peace

December 22, 2017  

2017 Show Openings- Christmas Bonus

From Sal O Mander to Dick Tator, here that are, every Conrad and Jack show intro talk up from 2017. All together, in one place. 

Thank you for all the support this year. It has been a wild year, thank you for being there with us week after week.

Every Wednesday 9pm ct 


Don't let your meatloaf


December 21, 2017  

Tyler Woods Christmas Special-12-20-17

The show starts off with a full show gift exchange, including yo yo's, oatmeal, Bret Favre razors, and personal cards. They then talk about Conrad's experimental medicine. Mexico makes a Christmas bonus episode. Conrad's family Christmas party, Frank stops by with Denny and Jon. Plus a laser disk of the hit sit-com, Step by Step. God Bless

December 19, 2017  

Passenger seat Is Back

Darby explains where he’s been.  The passenger seat is back. With America’s favorite airport security guard 

December 19, 2017  

Monday Morning Papers III

Yo Creeps, this week Mexico and I play a new intro. Find out the Pope had a pizza party and Poland lost a fighter jet. We then talk about the Palin Struggles, Divo. We were hacked throughout the show with cb interference. Forgive us. 

December 13, 2017  

Mystery Storage Unit-12-13-17

Conrad has been jumping rope. He won't let his wife watch certain Netflix shows. For some weird reason he wants a storage unit. Eric's championship Christmas tree. This show is brought to you by the Lord.