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November 29, 2017  

Sober? 11-29-17

The team of comedy horseman saddle up and lasso the news of the day. Like the struggles of going sober, getting stuck in a garbage truck, walking through a mall naked, and the best meatloaf recipes. 

November 23, 2017  

Turkey Day Bonus-11-23-17

Happy Thanksgiving? This Late night comedy brawl includes, a fresh new marketing idea from Smooth E, a verdict on a guy who ate his wife in an elevator, and a holiday themed round of list 3. #podcast #podernfamily #werebetterthanyou #thanksgiving ...... 

November 22, 2017  

Thanksgiving Melt Down-11/22/17

In this Native American based comedy show, the guys trade recipes on not only food but humor. Skinman's adult video review. Plus 3 things Radio Shack can do to get back in the black. #comedy #thanksgiving #podcast #werebetterthanyou

November 16, 2017  

It’s All Funked Up-11-15-17

Tonight we discuss, robotic disappointment. NFL costumes, and what they show. Then in a full blown comedy assault we tackle the headlines of the day. Is that Jesus or Sausage? Either way I'm happy. #podcast #yoga #podernfamily #werebetterthanyou

November 9, 2017  
November 2, 2017  

Boy Bands-11/1/17

A Man... A Horse.. A Sidewalk 

A Wheelchair

Plus an in depth look at the controversial topic of dash board treats, and falling on babies at Target. A yelling match about Halloween, and when is Take 5 going to get a fair Shake. #werebetterthanyou

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