Those Guys From Wichita

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July 28, 2016  

Leave it to Denny- 7-27-16

Here is our Live 7-27-16 episode. 

July 20, 2016  

Anniversary- 7-20-16

Recap of the weekend, pooptastrify, sloppy joes, super sexy stories, trump, wichita police beat, sexy stories, list 3, bear stories, and more 7-20-16 

July 13, 2016  

Half Breed Champions- 7-13-16

7-13-16 We talk backdraft, drifters, toaster ovens, random dude, RFL Playoffs and champs Enjoy.....

July 6, 2016  

Playoff Time- 7-6-16

4th of July recap, baking tips, tequila ridge, RFL playoffs, man in tree, plus more, 7-6-16