Those Guys From Wichita

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July 30, 2015  

Playoff Time- TCJS 97

Hey Creeps, On tonight's 7/29/15 live episode of The Conrad and Jack Show we talk about Conrad's bachelor party, casino midgets, celeb deaths, racist football, baked dolls, and more.. Enjoy.. 

July 22, 2015  

Slender Anniversary- TCJS 96

Hello Friends- on  Tonight's live 7-22-15 show we discuss Conrad's Anniversary, fried chicken, Trump, racist football, closing time, slenderman, poop spitting and more..enjoy.. 

July 18, 2015  

Live From The Burn Out Bar

Hey Guys, here is our Live show from the Burn Out Bar and Grill on 7-14-15, It was a great show and we really appreciate all that took the time to come watch. Enjoy.. 

July 16, 2015  

W.A.S.P - TCJS 95

What's Up Creeps!!! 7-15-15 Live Show Here. We recap our Bar Live Show!!! We eat snacks of the George, talk about wasps, Russian Misqutos, Not sure how to spell that Bug. 

July 8, 2015  

Bloated- TCJS 94

Our Live 7/8/15 Show. We talk Man Periods, Being Bloated, Subway, Paula Dean, Sex quiz, wife carrying, ask amy, russel wilson, pet bears, Conrad's wife being gone, plus sex, drugs, murder, intrigue, love, fun, mystery, magic, and wizards. Enjoy. 

July 4, 2015  

Born on the Third of July- TCJS 93

our Live 7-3-15 Bonus Show.. We talk 4th of July, call John, Nascar Karaoke, Tic Tacs, Facebook, Deer Milk, Erotic Stories, and Phone Calls, Enjoy..