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May 28, 2015  

President Songs- TCJS 87

Welcome Friends on this Episode of The Conrad and Jack Show, we talked about Larper's dream, Birthday stories, embarrassment, turtles, ask amy, made up country songs, wizards, brick throwing twins, and more, enjoy... 

May 26, 2015  

Bumps Bonus- TCJS 86

Hey Guys, here is a collection of all the bumps and sounds we have created for the show. Listen at your own leisure. Just an FYI, this whole collection meaning the bumps and then the presentation of the bumps by Shannon, or as you know him Mexico. Enjoy.. 

May 21, 2015  

John C-Sucker- TCJS 85

Whats up Creeps, On tonight's episode of The Conrad and Jack Show, we talked about Haircuts, Eating poop, glowing camels, bees, 80's strip club, crappy pizza, movies, read some emails, and of course Sex, drugs, murder, intrigue, love, hope, relationship, gorilla's. Enjoy.

May 16, 2015  

Rachel and Andi Bonus!!! TCJS 84

What's up Creeps!! On tonight's Episode, of The Conrad and Jack Show, we Have Rachel and Andi here. We discuss, Match Boxes, pooping pants, Ask Amy, Human Centipede 3, we call Westboro, Erection Assistant, Holyfield Romney, farting on Wife, Perieads, Rubbing Butt BBQ. And More. We also discuss Sex, Drugs, Murder, Intrigue, Bikini's, Love, Relationships, Comedy. 

May 14, 2015  

Man Hands- TCJS 83

Hey Creeps, on tonight's episode we talk about Mother's Day, Midgets, JC Pennies, Male Sex Toys, Toddler poop, Wife duties, and also Sex, Drugs, Murder, Intrigue, Bikinis, Yoga, Fitness, Life, Panda's, Cats, and Burgers. Enjoy... 

May 6, 2015  

Walton Chicken- TCJS 82

What's up fools?? Here is our 5/6/15 Live Show, we talk Florida poop, Chicken Candles, Irish Rally, Waxing, Ask Amy, Legs in Trash, Skeleton Tea Parties, KKK Adult  Videos. Then We call them. Also Sex, Drugs, Murder, Intrigue, Mystery, Bikini, Hot, Fun, Comedy, Podcast, Radio, News, Cosby. Enjoy..