Those Guys From Wichita

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February 25, 2015  

Mortal Kombat- TCJS 064

What's up everybody, we talk about the Oscars, Dollar General, Dancing wtih the Stars, Vegas, George Foreman, Music, Sex, Murder, Drugs, Magicians, Toyotas, John Wick, People Named Mitchell, we take calls, and voicemails, Enjoy..

February 23, 2015  

Let’s Call Em- TCJS 63

On This Bonus, we call many businesses across the country. We tell funny jokes about drugs, and sex, we watch adult movies, and porn. We draw pictures of old wooden animals, and then shoot them with guns, plus a live karate demonstration. Enjoy.. Click Here for more shows, and support us by buying through our Amazon page. 

Thanks, and Enjoy... 

February 19, 2015  

Get Real- TCJS 62

We talk, Divorce, George, Vasectomy, Brad Pitt, News Stories, and more on this personal episode of TCJS, Enjoy.. Bookmark our Amazon page

February 16, 2015  

Live 50 Shades of Bonus- TCJS 61.1

Friday 13th Bonus, Live, we talk, 50 shades, take phone calls, give phone calls, sex, burgers, beef, and Valentines are all on the menu... Enjoy.. 

February 12, 2015  

Struck by Lightning - TCJS 60.1

Music by Lukcan, On the show we talk everything from Total Gyms, to Rosie, to boardgames, sex, movies, and murder. Also ft. artist, Lukcan calls in. Enjoy

February 5, 2015  

Babe Ruth Birthday- TCJS 60

Hey now!!! Time to talk Babe ruth, with Conrad and Mexico. We go into the often forgotten side of the sultan of swat in the celebratory episode of The Great Bambino, from boozing, to hookers, to fingering, and more, set back and enjoy.. Ghosts and Ghouls included