Those Guys From Wichita

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December 25, 2014  

Christmas Best of- TCJS 054

A collection of the some of the show's greatest episodes compiled for your listening enjoyment in one convenient package.. Enjoy.. 

December 18, 2014  

Monster- TCJS 053

Hey Now, another New Episode, shower talk, Jesus Dice Clay, and Diabetes, you get it, we opened a bowl of chuckle candies. Enjoy..

December 11, 2014  

Wide Out+Bonus- TCJS 052

Bathtub Masterbation, Deadly Illness, Wide Recievers with angry members, apologies, and campaign sing off. What more could you want? Enjoy..

December 4, 2014  

Does it Burrito?-TCJS 051

On this Episode the guys talk ICP, Rams, Pushing Tin, and then play a great round of, Does it Burrito? Enjoy..

December 1, 2014  

Bonus Bananza- TCJS 050.1

Welcome to our Alcohol fueled bonus show, with special guests, Chip, and The Stones and the Toy Show. Games, booze, Lasers ..Enjoy..