Those Guys From Wichita

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November 27, 2014  

Riot Talk- TCJS 050

Riot Gear, and Richard Gere, or Roller skates, and Brian bozworth, enjoy...

November 20, 2014  

Talk’in Sausage TCJS 49

Sup Creeps!?  On tonight's show we talk Corn, mashed taters, Ferguson (is that still a thing?), butt bleaching, twin peaks, and Bush. Just download and listen.. We know you want too.  

November 13, 2014  

Freedom TCJS48

DING DONG!! Yet another great show! After a great tribute to our military folks we talk double dates, how white people still own the most serial killers, Jacks fucked-up lack of a diet, and Prince. A moving tip of the hat to both Conrad's dog Emma (R.I.P.) and to Mexico's Pup Molly (R.I.P.) we all move on to ask what is wrong with people, Domino's, Emanim? (or however you spell that white rapper things name) and Potato's. All this AND Amy is BACK! Enjoy! 

November 10, 2014  

Things Jack Says- TCJS -47.5

Jack and some of his funniest sayings from just a couple episodes, listen and enjoy. Share on itunes, twitter, and facebook

November 6, 2014  

Bacon Guy TCJS47

Hi all. The numbers are in for last month. A big HUGE thank you for all the downloads, support, feed-back, and live follows to each and EVERY ONE OF YOU!!  Here is another great episode for you to lovingly, gently, softly shove into your ear holes. The boys talk old people death plots, Hawaiian coffee lava, snack food to make while you watch things like NASCAR, the CMA's and M*A*S*H. They also talk POD-GOD trip to Sin-ville, NYC Gravy, "Will It Burrito" and Jack can't shut the fuck up about Bacon. Enjoy Creeps!! (and thanks again)  

November 3, 2014  

Things Conrad Says- TCJS 046.5

On this tiny little clip, you will here a little montage Mexico put together of some things Conrad said on Just a couple of Shows, Enjoy...