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September 29, 2014  

Come Here TCJS 41 1/2

This is the Snake Soup Bonus... Jack tells a McDonalds story and then takes the rest of the show to text someone more important. The rest of us make up for it with the Milk Seafood video and body function talk. ENJOY!!!

September 26, 2014  

Snake Soup TCJS 41

HEY NOW... On tonights show: Jewish Zombies, Butter, Recipe for the show Hot Dog, Stones Hot Pot Mustard, New Rope Strategies, New Browns WR Dill Juice, The Snake House,and Velvet Linings. Den Mother Amy news story: Japan has there own hamburglar.... and he's black.. ENJOY!

September 22, 2014  

Domestic What Bonus

Wow on the bonus show, we get into some serious Split talk, and I think you will dig it.

September 18, 2014  

Domestic What?- TCJS 040

Fixed, Whats up fools we discuss all the hottest topics from the NFL, drive thru funerals, and women body parts. Enjoy...

September 15, 2014  

Potty Training Bonus

Ok friends, bring your rain slicker, because we are going to make you laugh so hard you piss on your best friends face.


September 11, 2014  

Potty Training-TCJS 039

Whats up, on tonight's show we discuss, Mexico's trip to New York, Conrad's parking. Pooping the bed, and new video ideas. Also Mcdonalds Dinner box, times 2.Enjoy..