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August 28, 2014  

Al’s Red Rocket- TCJS 037

Hey Now, on tonight's episode of The Conrad and Jack Show, Conrad rants about the emmy's, then wonders whats up with dudes who are into chicks that ride mechanical bulls. What's lyme disease? find out on The Conrad and Jack Show. enjoy...

August 24, 2014  

Diabetes Challange Bonus

Hey, Homos, and non homos, here is the bonus segment to our episode Diabetes Challange- TCJS 036, on this show we do a board room interview with a rep. who is wondering what our charity actually does....Enjoy..

August 21, 2014  

Diabetes Challenge- TCJS 036

Hey Guys, on last night'show, Mexico shows up late, and is hot. We then discuss WW11 war relics, Amsterdam floral communities, the different types of motorcycles that members of Queen ride, and the sexual provacations of popular morning weather men.

August 14, 2014  

Hamburger James- TCJS 035

Hello Friends, on tonight's episode, we go over all the horrible news stories, and how they all relate to the TV show Home Improvement. Mexico then tells a story about his week as a guest at a dude ranch. The guys and Amy then spend the last half of the show telling you stories, about Elvis Presley, why,,, Elvis Death day. Enjoy.

August 7, 2014  

Bill Crosby- TCJS 034

Hello friends on Tonight's show we dive into Jack's most recent purchase, the problem with Kakhis, Mexico's trip to Houston, and strip club talk up. Enjoy..

August 1, 2014  

Johnny Rotten- TCJS 033

Hey Now Buddy, a no Mexico show, with Chip trying desperatly to fill those shoes, realizing quickly that he can't, Conrad, Jack, and Amy discuss buffet food, Lowes shopping, and Conrad's failing body. Enjoy..