Bring me my lasers. The gang is all here, except Casey he’s selling cats in Vegas. 

Cold Chili Dogs

Andy is alive and well after his plastic surgery. Mexico is stuck in a snow bank. The guys that make it in talk about the importance of matching your ...View Details

Poop in the woods

We review Pizza Hut Detroit crust. Then discuss proper bathroom procedures, and pooping in the woods🐵. 

The pee gamble

Andy has some brain sludge, Casey has no feet, skinman school of 4am marksman ship, and Blake Shelton slot machines, plus- how not to go to the bathro...View Details


Frozen pizza-George W- more? 

Taint tappers

It’s coronation day! Plus falcon cars, and taint tappers. 

Long wallet

What happens when a long wallet wearing truck driver shows up at a pro boxers hot tub? 

Free Tuna

Ivy joins the gang as Conrad unreasonably argues against Christmas carols that have to do with the actual birth of Christ, the use of Tuna as a meat s...View Details

Casey’s Christmas

Here is the free episode. Mexico vs sugar Conrad vs grinder, Eric’s dad look skinman have Andy COVID-19

Does it Burrito?

It’s the worst #podcast of the year. With 30 ingredients we randomly pick 5 for each #burrito. Some people #vomit, some love it, but ultimately we fin...View Details

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